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Shun the blue sky..
It lies, it lies.
In shades to hide My cocaine high,
One taste to buy the sun.
Such fire wasted on my breath,
All the loud that's in my lungs.
I'm hungry full of desperate glee,
See me thee who all I be.
blame the purple moon.

I was drowning in the sky,
as I breathed the ocean blue.
Crushed beneath the somber high,
on a rooftops secluded view.
A cloud rose within my chest.
I sighed it into air.
It bloomed a darkened swirling mess,
Then left a twisted prayer.
As I sank up the currents peak,
I broke the surface of the sky.
Ripples spread across its creek,
a dark haze seeps my eyes.
The Suns heat pricks my skin,
now all the air is gone.
Remnants of a clouded grin,
I awaken in the dawn.
I wake up on the roof,
The air had made me pale
but I don't breathe in.

I exhale.
Cloud Burst
I pondered the world that seemed so upside down
it only made sense that I'd fall up and drown
I thought they were fake
plastic and strings
molded made poses
and fragile things 
but I think I was wrong
i made a mistake 
in a world of dolls 
a human is fake...
by meh 

They said look through this telescope
and tell me what you see.
Count the stars and wondrous things,
that you will never ever be.
Solve the cosmic question,
if you love her she may tell.
Of the secrets left unmentioned
or the distance between heaven and hell.
They'd said look into this telescope
and you may find what you may seek.
I'll hide away the universe,
I dare you not to peek.
So they look on in their telescopes,
to find out what could be
but all the things I'd ever want,
are all down here with me.

I opened a window,
the wind was strong and rough.
This letter must be infinity
I feel the sky has called my bluff.
Either I cannot profess my feelings,
or just that words are not enough.
so I took a little time.
Folded you In between confessions,
found the words to rhyme
And stated my regression.
See I'm still here..
With this weight
and my fears.
I wish I could say I escaped through that window
That I am not the same
Writing these letters hoping you'll find them
Through these paper planes.
Paper planes

I hope someone finds this letter.
I've sent into the sky
Maybe someone more.
At least so more than I.
I hope they have the courage 
To do what I tried to do
And simply concede this letter 
From: me
To: you

Shun the blue sky..
It lies, it lies.
In shades to hide My cocaine high,
One taste to buy the sun.
Such fire wasted on my breath,
All the loud that's in my lungs.
I'm hungry full of desperate glee,
See me thee who all I be.
blame the purple moon.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an artist
My emotional sate of mind is easily swayed,
So You may me find me on one one side of the spectrum or the other. In and out of many different planes and levels.
I firmly believe I am incapable of describing myself
So I can only ask you to expect everything.
And expect nothing.

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