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I thought I'd rather leave 
Find you on my way 
From the bottom through the trees
We would go and run away
But when I saw you still awaiting 
I new we could never be
I could never expose the one I love  
To the dark 
And twisted
She types the words slow.
Holding them close in her head,
 She lets them all go.
And sighs..
The words just won't flow,
No matter how hard she tries.

Yet they echo in her head.
Like the  broken up whispers,
That lie in her bed.
A past full of feelings, That bleed so strong.
A word from her head
could undo the wrongs.
..she opens her mouth
The earth starts to slow.
All light dims out,
Her eyes start to glow.
 Everything is nothing
Just a glimpse,   of future past.
But she can't keep up
Her dreams are just too vast.
A keystroke interrupts
Her thoughts
 too fast.

So she types the words slow.
Guarding them in her head,
She lets them flow.
  Yet again,
   She sighs.
They just won't go
 But still,
She tries..
It was like for a second..
All the world hung 
On the single tip
Of a young girls tongue.
I swear I see her in my dreams sometimes,
Stuck between the dusk and the dawn.
Running like a beast and howling like a demon
Her minds been gone too long.

It was five years ago,
In the middle of the summer.
Right before the fall of snow
A green eyed girl with a face full of freckles,
Was the only trouble I'd ever know.

Now she only had a mother
Never knew her father,
 said  he left the same afternoon.
So why would she bother ,
To ever miss a father
Who wouldn't even stay the moon.

Well we got older,
The winters grew colder
I was young and I made a mistake.
Another girl came in her head full of sin,
Didn't know I wasn't hers to take.

I awoke in the night in the middle of a fight,
To see what the moon shown.
Was a green eyed wolf as big as a bear
Ripping up that girl I'd known.
It looked me in the eyes
And to my surprise
That wolf just burst apart.
And there in the middle
Lay my green eyed little,
Lady with a beating heart.

Now that's the end of the story
Its a little gory,  but I swear that it's the truth.
That's why I'm stuck in a padded cell,
guilty for lack of proof.
Now I still hear her out the bars of my window,
Howling as she calls my name.
I scream right back,
Hoping that heart I cracked
Still might feel the same.
The Green Eyed Girl
I could tell you the point of the story,
But I don't think you'd understand.
About a poor girl who never knew her father,
Daddy was the Wolfman...
Perhaps,  people like us cannot love.
Ordinary people can - that is their secret..
Alone she stands in twisted fire,
Below the crimson flames.
A tangled mess of tortured turmoil
With a bitter taste of blame.

Hug her and she'll warm your heart,
Before she burns it all apart.
 A lonely soul on a path of grey
You can tell she's been,
Where the ashes all lay.

Dressed in rags of ash and fire
Atop her thrown of stone.
A lonely child screams on fire,
But they left her all alone.
  she hates the world
She'll make them pay,
And burn it to the ground someday.
So I leave her there,
And there she'll stay.
I hope the hurt may go away.

A girl who played with fire.
A flame without a friend
She gave into desire,
It got her in the end.
As a child Inferno would pretend to be a princess
Trapped by a Dragon waiting for someone to rescue her
But no one ever came
As if they knew a princess shouldn't breathe fire
I thought I'd rather leave 
Find you on my way 
From the bottom through the trees
We would go and run away
But when I saw you still awaiting 
I new we could never be
I could never expose the one I love  
To the dark 
And twisted


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